Course Description

Bangladesh emerged from a series of conflicts among different groups from a geographical area that constituted British India. This course examines the sequence of events through which the conflicts played, leading to creating a new country. We ask questions: who, what, when, where, why? Who were individuals and groups in conflict? Why? What led to war? Who engaged in the fighting? Who supported which side? By asking questions and seeking answers, we can better understand the emergence of Bangladesh in 1971.

Questioning and discovery are integral to active learning: gaining knowledge and skills through effort and activity, whether individually or in groups. In this course, students are expected to take responsibility for learning, and take the initiative to gather information, make decisions, express ideas in writing, and perhaps revise those ideas, rather than listen to lectures. To this end, students in this course will be expected to go online, visit the library, and visit other sources of valuable information, including the Liberation War Museum.